Early Learning Chess Activities 11 – 20

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Activity 11: Showcase
What are your favorite activities so far? We will highlight a few of ours!

  • Video 11

Activity 12: Queen & Pawns
The Queen is a very powerful piece. Let's discover what she can do!

Activity 13: King & Rook Maze
Can you find your way through the Pawn maze with the King or the Rook?

Activity 14: Queen & Bishop Maze
Can you find your way through the Pawn Maze with your Queen or Bishop?

Activity 15: The Point Game II
Each chess piece has a point value. Let's add them up!

Activity 16: Queen, King, & Pawns
Your Queen is stuck behind your Pawns and your King. How will you get her out?

Activity 17: Bishop & Pawns
Bishops travel across a chessboard on diagonal lines. Let's see if you can capture all of the Pawns!

Activity 18: The Pawn Game
Can you move your Pawns all the way across the board without getting stuck or captured?

Activity 19: King vs Pawns
The Pawns try to get across the board without getting captured. The King tries to capture as many Pawns as possible before they reach the other side!

Activity 20: Queen vs Pawns
Can your Pawns make it to the other side of the board before they are captured by the Queen?